Tacoma’s current approach to crime is not working. Our community is frustrated, and we need a judge with the proven solutions.

We know that most of the people brought into Tacoma’s Municipal Court commit crimes because of stress caused by poverty, drugs, or mental illness. Locking them up without treatment means they’ll just commit more crimes when they get out. I believe true justice requires meaningful accountability, equity, and compassion, and I have experience setting up diversion programs that hold people accountable while addressing their struggles.

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“[Sergio Flores] presents to voters a chance to re-imagine how Tacoma Municipal Court functions.”
“It’s a worthy goal that we support.”

-The News Tribune Editorial Board

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If you want to get your sink squeaky-clean, you have to let the cleanser soak for at least five minutes before scrubbing. I learned this from my mother, who has worked as a housecleaner for almost 30 years. She taught me that when facing a problem, it is important to equip yourself with the right tools, be willing to fully apply yourself, and work hard until you achieve your goal.

The principles of perseverance and determination were instilled in me at a young age. My parents’ consistently positive attitude and their generous spirit towards others throughout my childhood have stuck with me most of all. These principles and values have been indispensable to me as I have encountered adversities throughout my life. They are what  drive me to become a Tacoma Municipal Court Judge and have a positive impact in our communities, especially those who have been most negatively impacted by our criminal legal system.