• What does Tacoma Municipal Court do?

    Tacoma Municipal Court (TMC) hears cases of alleged violations of city ordinances. TMC’s authority over these ordinance violations is similar to the authority that district courts have over state law violations. The ordinance’s alleged violation must have occurred within the boundaries of the City of Tacoma.

  • What kind of cases do you see?

    Tacoma Municipal Court (TMC) only has jurisdiction over gross misdemeanors, misdemeanors, and infractions. TMC does not accept civil or small claims cases. TMC can issue domestic violence protection orders and no-contact orders. TMC can also issue anti-harassment protection orders upon adoption of a local court rule establishing that process.

  • What are diversion programs?

    In general, criminal diversion is a pre-trial program that the prosecution offers to an individual who has been charged (or will be charged) with a criminal offense and has little or no prior criminal history. The goal of diversion is to provide the individual with the opportunity to address the underlying issues causing the criminal conduct and potentially get the case dismissed or not charged.

  • What is the role of a Municipal Court Judge?

    A Municipal Court Judge’s role is to be a neutral and objective party in a court proceeding and to make decisions based on the law. The law provides judges a lot of discretion when it comes to sentencing or making other determinations about granting an order.

  • What will you do about increasing crime?

    Misdemeanors like vandalism, shoplifting, DUIs, trespassing, domestic violence, and others have skyrocketed in Tacoma. Responding to local crime through effective diversion and therapeutic programs works! This approach addresses the victim’s concerns and the offender’s struggles while, most importantly, reducing recidivism. When done right, community courts address the root cause of participants’ struggles and provide services in a supportive and structured environment. When all the parties work together to find solutions, not only do participants benefit, but the community is also safer and whole.

  • Who are your judicial role models?

    My judicial role models are Justices Mary Yu and Steve Gonzales. Both of these Washington Supreme Court Justices have a strong sense of justice and equity. I also greatly admire Pierce County District Court Judge Dwayne Christopher, who used to serve in the position I am running for. As a Tacoma City Prosecutor, I was assigned to his courtroom, and his ability to be firm and compassionate with his ruling influenced my judicial philosophy.

  • Why should I vote for you?

    I am the only BIPOC and LGBTQ individual running to be a judge in the Tacoma Municipal Court.

    One of the main reasons I decided to run for this judicial position, is my moral duty to our city, and my community, to make sure that our government looks like the people it serves. As a gay Latinx immigrant, I have seen firsthand the barriers to justice our legal system creates for BIPOC and LGBTQ families. Diverse representation in the Tacoma Municipal Court is important because our court needs to be reflective of the people it serves to be able to eliminate the barriers to justice our community faces in our criminal legal system. Many times, institutional barriers can only be seen and can only be effectively removed when you have overcome them. It is time that the people’s court of Tacoma, looks like the people of Tacoma.

  • How can I help your campaign?

    I am always in need of volunteers to join me canvassing and attending events! Please share my campaign on social media and spread the word!